Each theme has its own games. Do not hesitate to visit them all!

ZARAGOZA (Aragon):
C/ José García Sánchez, 37. Zaragoza.
EPISODE: BROTHERS OF BLOOD: 60 min. 2-5 People.

Year 1897. Romania, Vlad ¨the impaler´s¨ castle. The Baldemont brothers are betrayed by their eldest brother. Only a few chosen ones will be able to break the curse and achieve freedom.

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EPISODE: A LAST HOPE: - min. - personas

Year 1897. Romania, Vlad the impaler´s¨castle. The night of the final eclipse has arrived. Maybe by making a good plan you can end it once and for all.

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Pamplona (Navarra):
C/Arbizu, 17, Pamplona.
MISSION: 100 YEARS OF FORGIVENESS: 60 min. 2-5 People.

The "GENERAL BANK", controlled by Menéndez, is the most secure bank in the city. As Elite team "Ghost" You must infiltrate yourself and fulfill your mission.

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Misión: Call OR DIE - min. - Personas.


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BILBAO (Vizcaya):
C/ Huertas de la Villa, 14. Bilbao.
RED TEAM "OMEGA": 80 min. 2-4 People.

The Omega Corp. complex located on Mars, asks for help. The red team answers the call and decides to approach the sector 04.

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BLUE TEAM "CORP": 80 min. 2-4 People.

The Omega Corp. complex located on Mars, asks for help. The blue team goes to the call and decided to approach the sector 05.

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Santurtzi (VIZCAYA):
C/ Mamariga, 20. Santurce.
LEGEND: THE CHAAK TEMPLE: 60 min. 2-5 People.

A dark legend ravages the temple of the god Chaak, in Mexico. Only the most daring will have enough courage to explore its dangerous corridors, rewrite the history of the reign of Thases and discover the location of the hidden treasure OF the Mayans.

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BILBAO (Vizcaya):
C/ Huertas de la Villa, 16. Bilbao.
Mansion Crowell
MANSION: A DARK SECRET 60 min. 2-5 People.

(Start with this game if you have little experience or you like the most classic escapes).

A mysterious mansion, far from civilization, hides a dark secret that nobody has managed to discover. And you, will you be able to discover it before the strange Crowell family comes back and catches you inside the mansion?

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MANSION: YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE! 60 min. 2-5 People.

(Continue the story with this new game, different and independent to the previous one, you can start here).

You are the only hope for humanity, you allow yourselves to be trapped to try to disrupt the plans of the Crowell family. For this you will have to go through different rooms of the mansion. Will you be able to achieve it before they experiment with you?

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Bilbao (VIZCAYA):
C/ Santutxu (plaza de El Carmen) nº 26 piso 1º
THE SECRET OF ANUBIS: 45 min. 2-4 People.

The secret of Anubis is a Real Quest Game, a game of wit and logic in which, as a group of brave archaeologists, you must test all your skills to unravel the secret that hides a strange object found in recent excavations. The legend talks about a mysterious ring with great powers.

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Bilbao (Vizcaya):
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