Preguntas frecuentes

The MAD MANSION games are not scary. They are witty, fun and focus on teamwork. But due to the complexity of some tests and some special effects, only those over 12 years old (Except MANSION CROWELL that is from 10 years old), can participate in our adventures. Children under 16 must have at least one adult on their team. There is no maximum age limit, anyone can enjoy MAD MANSION games equally.

As we clarified in the first question, they are not scary or claustrophobic games, so we do not see any problem in enjoying them in that case. They are very fun and entertaining games, which are based on cooperating as a team. Do not hesitate to visit them all !

MAD MANSION games, work by reservation and prior payment. Enter the GAMES section to see the different themes that we have. Click on each of them, to see the calendars and make reservations. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email.

Yes, as long as the corresponding game is notified by email at least 72 hours in advance, it can be changed once. If you do not notify at least 72 hours in advance, the reservation will be lost.

Punctuality is very important in each of the games, so there are no delays with the following groups. Therefore, please be punctual at the time indicated. If you arrive late, your reservation will be lost.

EEnter the GIFT VOUCHER section, choose the game you want to give and acquire the gift voucher by paying with a Card. You will receive the gift voucher to your email. You have several models and options. (See the GIFT VOUCHER section for more details).

No, it is not possible. If the voucher code is not used within 2 months, it will no longer be valid. (See the section GIFT VOUCHER for more details).

No, it is not possible. In this case the entry to any of the games will be denied and the reservation will be lost.